ACNH Gaming Room: 8 Ultimate Design Ideas To Build One

Building a gaming room in your favorite game Animal Crossing New Horizons, but you have no idea what items you have to use for building your ACNH gaming room?

We have some tips for you to build your gaming room. Started with the core furniture and ended with designing your own furniture and decorations articles.

1 Getting Started with Acnh Gaming Room

First, let’s talk about essential furniture items. A gaming room will not be complete without a gaming desk and a comfortable gaming chair. You can find these items at Nook’s Cranny or Paradise Planning Office; just remember that they do come with a price tag. For instance, the gaming desk is available for 53,000 Bells or 47,700 Poki. In addition to this, you can include other elements like a gaming monitor, console setup, and themed furniture to display your love for gaming.

Next, you’ll need to choose the appropriate wallpaper and flooring. There are several options available in the game, such as customizable wallpapers and floorings with different themes to suit your gaming room. The ACNH community also has many interesting gaming room ideas that can inspire your creativity. You can take inspiration from these ideas or create completely unique designs to make your gaming space truly remarkable.

Now, let’s focus on the additional items that can enhance your gaming room:

  • Wall-mounted TVs for playing games or streaming
  • Neon lights, posters, and wall decorations related to your favorite games
  • Game-themed rugs and cushions to add color and personality

Here’s an example of a gaming room item list:

Gaming DeskNook’s Cranny / Paradise Planning53,000 Bells
Gaming ChairNook’s Cranny / Paradise Planning10,000 Bells
Gaming MonitorNook’s Cranny12,000 Bells
Themed WallpaperNook’s Cranny / Custom DesignVaries
Themed FlooringNook’s Cranny / Custom DesignVaries
Wall-mounted TVNook’s Cranny15,000 Bells
Neon LightsNook’s Cranny5,000 Bells
Game-themed RugNook’s Cranny / Custom DesignVaries

Remember to have fun while designing your ACNH gaming room. Experiment with different layouts, items, and styles to create a space that reflects your personality and taste. Happy decorating!

Key Element for a Gaming Room in Animal Crossing New Horizons

acnh gaming room Lightning & furniture
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2 Choice of additional Furniture

The furniture and light you select for your ACNH gaming room do a lot to reflect the overall atmosphere you want to create. Opt for bold and vibrant colors to showcase a lively setup. One option is to include arcade machines which provide an exciting gaming experience. Don’t forget the essentials like cozy seating, where plush velvet stools or bean bags can greatly enhance player comfort. Pay also attention to the lighting in your ACNH gaming room.

To further spice up your gaming room, consider adding:

  • Themed wallpapers
  • Custom-designed rugs like the bell bag rug
  • Stylish storage for game accessories and consoles

Room Customization Tips

3 Using Custom Designs

acnh gaming room Custom Furniture
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Creating a unique gaming room in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) can be achieved by using custom designs. It allows players to customize their own patterns, which can be applied to various items such as furniture, clothing, and even walls and floors. To create custom designs, visit the Custom Design app on the NookPhone. For inspiration or to download designs from other players, use the Custom Designs Portal at the Able Sisters’ shop.

Here are some quick tips for custom designs:

  • Use the color picker wisely to create a cohesive color scheme.
  • Keep the design simple to maintain a clean and organized look.
  • Experiment with different patterns and textures to add depth to the room.

Additionally, players can search for and share custom design codes on subreddits like r/ac_newhorizons.

4 Incorporating Themed Items

acnh gaming room arcade machines
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Incorporating themed items is essential to establish a strong gaming ambiance in the room. ACNH offers a variety of gaming-related items, such as:

  • Arcade machines
  • Gaming chairs
  • Pinball machines
  • Billiards table
  • Dartboards
  • Board games

To acquire these items, pay attention to the daily selections at Nook’s Cranny and participate in seasonal events or trade with friends or other players. Don’t forget to consider the layout tips for optimal room dimensions.

For an authentic gaming experience, try categorizing the items and arranging them to create different sections, such as:

  1. Retro gaming corner: Place classic arcade machines, jukebox, and vintage posters.
  2. Board game area: Arrange a cozy seating setting with various board games.
  3. Casino spot: Set up a casino-themed section with slot machines, a billiards table, and ambient lighting.

Lastly, experiment and have fun in the process of designing your dream gaming room in ACNH!

Advanced ACNH Gaming Room Ideas

5 Multi-Function Room Concepts

acnh gaming room bedroom
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Incorporating multi-functional spaces in your Animal Crossing: New Horizons gaming room can provide a challenging and creative experience. For instance, you may opt to design an office space combined with a cozy entertainment area. You can utilize custom designs for unique wallpapers and floor patterns to accommodate different themes within a single room.

Another idea is creating an arcade-style game room that also features a relaxing seating area. Here, you can mix and match various arcade machines with comfortable furniture like bean bags and couches to cater to both gaming and relaxation.

6 Seasonal Room Designs

acnh gaming room seasonal
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Incorporating seasonal themes in your ACNH gaming room is a way to keep your space fresh and interesting. For example, during the spring season, you can have a room design that features blue floral flooring and furniture with pastel colors.

For a festive winter concept, you can decorate your gaming room with snowflake-themed items and holiday-inspired furniture. Reflecting seasonal changes in your designs allows you to experiment with different styles as time goes by.

To make your gaming room even more unique, consider visiting ranked lists of top designs for inspiration. Exploring these concepts and adapting them to your style can result in an unforgettable gaming room experience for you and your visitors in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Tips to Maximize the Gaming Experience

7 Daily and Weekly Tasks

acnh gaming room daily checklist
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Establishing a gaming routine can help you stay organized and focused on your island’s development. Here is a list of tasks to help you maintain a healthy gaming experience:

  • Daily tasks:
    • Check your mail
    • Shop at Nook’s Cranny
    • Visit the Resident Services
    • Collect resources like wood, stones and fruits
    • Attend to your garden
    • Talk to your islanders
    • Fish, catch bugs, and dig for fossils
  • Weekly tasks:
    • Reorganize your furniture
    • Trade items with other players
    • Update your gaming room design
    • Participate in island events (if available)
    • Set weekly goals to improve your island’s rating

Remember that consistency is the key to progress. By keeping up with daily and weekly tasks, you’ll steadily enhance the gaming experience in your room.

8 Engaging with Other Players

acnh gaming room dodo airlines
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One of the best aspects of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the ability to connect with other players, visit their islands, and learn from their design ideas. Here are some ways to engage with other players:

  1. Visit other islands: Taking a Dodo Airlines flight to visit friends or using a Nook Miles Ticket to explore random islands can provide inspiration for your own gaming room.
  2. Trade items: Exchange furniture, resources, or DIY recipes with other players to expand your collection and diversify your design options.
  3. Compete in contests: Participate in friendly competitions like fishing tourneys or the Bug-Off to have fun and potentially win in-game rewards.
  4. Attend events together: Join friends or make new acquaintances during special events like fireworks shows, Halloween, or Toy Day.

Connecting with fellow players not only makes your ACNH gaming room experience more enjoyable but also helps you learn and grow as a designer. Don’t shy away from seeking ideas, trading items, and having fun with others in this vibrant gaming community.

ACNH Is a Interior Design Tool?

acnh gaming room interieur designs
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I found the research for this article very exciting because I never really knew what the Animal Crossing games were actually about. I was also fascinated by the fact that there are so many different furnishings available.

Not to mention the fact that you can decorate the buildings in such detail. That really surprised me and, to be honest, made me a bit curious about what other possibilities there are in this game.

All the more reason for me to concentrate on finding you as many possible ideas for an ACNH gaming room as possible.


How do I get the gaming room in ACNH?

To create a gaming room in ACNH, collect gaming-related furniture items like arcade machines and game consoles, and decorate a designated room in your house.

What are the best gaming room design ideas for ACNH?

Consider using colorful rugs, wall-mounted screens, and plush seating to create a cozy and inviting gaming space in ACNH.

Where can I find gaming-themed items in ACNH?

You can find gaming-themed items by purchasing them from in-game shops, trading with other players, or finding them in special events and promotions.

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