Retro Gaming Room: 10 Epic Ideas for an Ultimate Gaming Room

Creating a retro gaming room at home pays tribute to the golden era of gaming and provides a dedicated space to indulge in our favorite nostalgic pastimes. So we have collected some fantastic ideas to help you design and build your dream retro gaming room.

Selecting the right furniture, classic gaming consoles, and storing your favorite retro games safely will transport you back to the days of pixelated graphics and iconic chiptune soundtracks.

Planning Your Retro Gaming Room

When setting up a retro gaming room, there are several aspects to consider.

1 Determining Room Space

Before anything else, we need to decide on the space we’ll allocate for our retro gaming room. This decision should be based on the size and layout of our home, as well as the number of consoles, games, and furniture we want to include. Having clear measurements and a sketch of the available space will help us visualize where everything will fit and make sure we don’t overcrowd the room.

2 Choosing The Right Theme

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The retro gaming world is vast and diverse, so the next step is to choose a theme that resonates with us and creates a nostalgic atmosphere. We could opt for an arcade aesthetic, which evokes memories of playing classic games on large, colorful machines.

Another idea is to base our theme on a specific console or game series that has special meaning to us. For example, the old Nintendo Consoles like the Game Boy or the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The key is to select elements that complement each other and express our passion for retro gaming.

Essential Retro Gaming Room Equipment

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3 Must-Have Retro Consoles

When setting up our retro gaming room, the most important part is choosing the right consoles. From the iconic SNES—Super Nintendo Entertainment System—with Super Mario to the Sega Genesis featuring Sonic the Hedgehog, these classic consoles define the retro gaming experience. Pick a selection of consoles based on our favorite games or those that defined our childhood.

4 Retro Gaming Room Furniture

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To create the perfect retro gaming room, it’s essential to choose furniture that complements the theme. Opt for comfortable seating options like bean bag chairs, sofas, and even dedicated gaming chairs. We can add an espresso table for remotes, snacks, and beverages. Don’t forget to consider a sturdy TV stand and shelves to display our consoles and game collections, giving our gaming space the ultimate vintage feel.

5 Lighting for the Gaming Mood

Lighting plays a vital role in setting the atmosphere of our gaming room. For a truly retro vibe, opt for neon signs or backlit LED light fixtures in classic colors. Also, installing adjustable lights like dimmers or smart bulbs allows us to customize the brightness and color based on our gaming mood. Finally, adding retro-themed tables or floor lamps will help create the perfect gaming ambiance.

Preserving and Maintaining Your Retro Games

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As we set up our retro gaming room, it’s crucial to preserve and maintain the games to ensure they last for years to come. We’ve some tips on how to store and protect your retro game cartridges and discs.

6 Storing Retro Game Cartridges

When storing retro game cartridges, keeping them in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated area is essential. Some cartridges may still contain batteries, which can corrode over time. To prevent this, check the batteries regularly and replace them if necessary.

Another tip is to store the cartridges in an organized manner. Plastic storage bins with dividers can be a great solution. Additionally, you can use acid-free sleeves to protect the covers and artwork of your games. These sleeves prevent the transfer of harmful acids and chemicals onto your game covers, keeping your collection in pristine condition.

7 Protecting Retro Game Discs

For retro game discs, such as PlayStation 1 games, it’s important to handle them with care to avoid scratches or other damage. Always hold the disc by its edges and never touch the shiny surface with your fingers. When not in use, store the discs in their original cases, or invest in protective CD/DVD sleeves to keep them safe and well-maintained.

Cleaning your discs is another essential aspect of maintaining their condition. Use a clean, soft cloth or microfiber towel to gently wipe the disc’s surface in a straight line from the center to the edge. Avoid circular motions, as this can cause more scratches.

Expanding Your Retro Game Collection

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Expanding your game collection? Let’s explore some ways to find hidden gems for your retro gaming room.

8 Game Hunting in Thrift Stores

Thrift stores can be treasure troves for retro game collectors. We often find a variety of classic games and consoles hiding on their shelves. Make sure to regularly visit local thrift stores, as inventory changes frequently. Also, don’t forget to chat with the store employees, as they might be able to point you in the direction of the gaming goldmine.

  • Look for games behind the counter.
  • Check to see if games are bundled with other items.

9 Online Retro Game Shopping

While physical stores hold nostalgic value, online shopping offers a convenient way to expand our collections. Websites like eBay or Amazon often have a wide selection of classic games and hardware. You can also check out a dedicated retro gaming shop, like CoolGeekLab for tips on organizing and maintaining your collection.

  • Look for reputable sellers with good ratings and reviews.
  • Set up email alerts for specific games you’re searching for.

Remember, with patience and persistence, you can grow an epic retro gaming room full of cherished masterpieces.

10 Our Tip for Great Conditioned Playstation 1 Games

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We also have a secret tip for your old PlayStation 1 or 2 Games, which have many scratches on the disc. Look up for a good CD grinding machine.

I have one in use. It`s the JFJ Easy Pro Disc Repair Machine. This machine will help you to bring your Playstation Retro games in very good condition. Maybe it also helps you to get non-functioning Discs to run in your console.

We therefore believe that this machine is almost indispensable for every retro game collector and fits perfectly into a retro gaming room.


What is retro gaming? Entertainment System (NES) or Sega Genesis.

Retro gaming refers to playing classic video games on older consoles and systems, such as the Nintendo

What equipment do I need for a retro gaming room?

You’ll need the consoles and games you want to play, a TV or monitor, controllers, and possibly adapters or converters to connect the consoles to modern displays.

How can I make my retro gaming room look authentic?

Consider adding vintage posters or artwork, shelving for displaying your game collection, and retro-inspired furniture. You can also use lighting and color schemes to create a nostalgic atmosphere.

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