Editorial Guidelines

Our blog gamers-gem.com is an independently owned website dedicated to gaming rooms, chairs, and video games.

We produce reviews about gaming chairs, ideas for creating your gaming room, and other information about the world of video gaming. In addition, we operate a Pinterest and X (Twitter) channel.

In this editorial policy, we outline our approach and standards. If you believe our work has not met these guidelines, we welcome you to get in touch with us at contact@gamers-gem.com.

Reports, Reviews, Posts and Informations

We write as objectively as possible and without employing any form of AI.

When pieces of information that may not be publicly available or could portray an individual or organization negatively, we always seek a comment or your input.

If we receive new information after publication, we will update our existing post or add a new one as needed. Every three months we check our articles for timeliness, relevance, and helpfulness.

When notified of potential factual errors in our work, we will attempt to verify them and publish a correction if a mistake has been made.

If you or your company feel misrepresented in our storys or wish to provide additional context, feel free to contact us. We will find a solution for you.

Information that will be revealed from other persons or publications, we always will add a credit and link to this content where we can. Also, we only will publish received information (named or anonymous) by confirming them with other sources.

When we get a payment for writing an article we will disclose it in the relevant articles.

Our Professional Engagements

For our work, we engage with gaming experts, gaming hardware publishers, and other entities. Also, we stand in contact with public and creative personnel and always conduct ourselves in a professional manner.

If a company breaks off contact with us, we will still do everything we can to continue reporting to the same high standards and will not be influenced by the circumstances.

As we respect the work of other gaming and hardware experts, we refrain from discussing incidents in public.

However, if there is a compelling editorial reason, e.g. if the integrity of the publication is compromised or the publication of important information, such as eagerly awaited reviews of new gaming chairs or video games, is delayed as a result.

About Cooperations & Gifts

If we receive articles or additions, it is sometimes necessary to make the corresponding commitments. For example, the period of publication of the article or how long an article must be.

We will make sure that these promises or contracts are not linked to our own opinion and evaluation of the product.

We will not review articles that we are not allowed to rate freely.

We will also not accept any gifts that are not related to our editorial work. This means that we will only accept products that enable us to write a review or that we need for our work in the gaming sector.

We reserve the right to give away, sell, or donate promotional products that we have not ordered.

Advertising & Commercial Activities

The editorial and advertising areas at GamerGem are separate. The content we publish on our blog, Pinterest account and other social channels is not affected by commercial influences.

The team behind our advertising placements adheres to the principles of fairness and transparency in its dealings with our advertising customers.

We do not allow any inappropriate advertising content in our advertising placements and will remove it or take appropriate measures in the event of violations.
Likewise, we do not accept any advertising that automatically plays audio or contains offensive content.

If you notice any advertising on our site that does not comply with these guidelines, please contact us.

Our articles will occasionally contain links to retailers such as Amazon.
These links have no influence on our editorial content, as we will only link them to products contained in the articles.
At the same time, we will only embed them in neutral language. For example, “Here is the current price for [the following product]”.


GamersGem ist owned by Blum and Steffes NicheLink GbR.

The company works independently of our editorial work. We, GamerGem will always disclose it when we report on the activities of our parent company, NicheLink.
This type of reporting is exclusively subject to us as editors and is not influenced by commercial intentions.

All NicheLink staff and collaborators are familiar with this editorial policy and collectively uphold it.