Video Game Tattoo Sleeve: 25 Epic Design Ideas

You are searching for some ideas for your video game tattoo sleeve? We have put together 25 stunning ideas here in this article. Let’s have a look!

Design Ideas

Nintendo Characters Mix

video game tattoo sleeve Nintendo Characters
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We recommend combining your favorite Nintendo characters for a nostalgic tattoo sleeve experience. Popular characters to consider for your sleeve include Mario, Link from the Legend of Zelda, and Samus from Metroid. You can create an eye-catching and unique design by taking inspiration from various Nintendo games.

Space Invaders, Fallout, and Killzone

video game tattoo sleeve Space Invaders, Fallout and Killzone
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For sci-fi-loving fans, a video game tattoo sleeve featuring classic games like Space Invaders combined with modern hits such as Fallout and Killzone is a fantastic choice. It sends a statement about your love for both the old and new gaming eras while giving you an edgy, futuristic feel.

Final Fantasy

video game tattoo sleeve Final Fantasy
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The world of Final Fantasy is full of iconic and memorable characters and settings that can make for a beautiful tattoo sleeve. Incorporating well-known characters such as Cloud Strife, Sephiroth or Tidus can create a magical and emotional design that resonates with fans of the series.

Call of Duty Zombie Mode

video game tattoo sleeve Call of Duty Zombie
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Want to showcase your love for the popular Call of Duty series? Consider creating a Zombie Mode-inspired sleeve that demonstrates the adrenaline-pumping, action-packed gameplay of this favorite game. Biting zombies, worn-down environments, and vivid colors will make your video game tattoo sleeve stand out.

World of Warcraft Sylvanas

video game tattoo sleeve World of Warcraft Sylvanas
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The powerful World of Warcraft character Sylvanas Windrunner serves as an amazing subject for a tattoo for fans of this MMO. Intensify your design with detailed elements like arrows, runes, and other symbols from the game’s lore.

Donkey Kong, Sonic & Mario

video game tattoo sleeve Donkey Kong, Sonic & Mario
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Combine all-time favorites such as Donkey Kong, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mario for a fun, colorful, and playful sleeve. Your design can include iconic elements like rings, bananas, and pipes for added nostalgia.

Mario Bros Characters

video game tattoo sleeve Mario Bros characters
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Create a playful design by focusing on various Mario Bros characters like Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach. You can also include enemies like Koopas and Bowser for a well-rounded and exciting design.

Call of Duty Ghosts

video game tattoo sleeve Call of Duty Ghost
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Honor the Call of Duty series by getting a video game tattoo sleeve featuring the memorable Ghost character. This design can be cool and gritty with hints of military symbolism and weaponry.

8-Bit Design

video game tattoo sleeve 8-Bit Design
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Celebrate the retro gaming era with a colorful 8-bit design that brings back memories of early gaming systems. Combine pixelated versions of favorite characters or symbols from classic games to tailor your sleeve.


video game tattoo sleeve Borderlands
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Borderlands offers a unique art style with its cel-shaded graphics. A tattoo sleeve inspired by this game will showcase vibrant and distinctive characters like Claptrap or Handsome Jack.

Metal Gear Solid

video game tattoo sleeve Metal Gear Solid
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For fans of the stealth action genre, a Metal Gear Solid-inspired sleeve is an amazing choice. The design can include favorite characters such as Solid Snake, as well as highlights from the game series like cardboard boxes or other iconic symbols.

Anime Gaming: Pokemon, Dragonball & Digimon

video game tattoo sleeve Anime Gaming Pokemon, Dragonball, Digimon
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Anime fans can’t go wrong with a video game tattoo sleeve that combines gaming favorites like Pokemon, Dragonball, and Digimon. This design can be colorful, exciting, and full of detailed artworks of loved characters.

Kingdom Hearts

video game tattoo sleeve Kingdom Hearts
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Celebrate the unique crossover world of Kingdom Hearts with a tattoo sleeve combining popular Disney characters and favorites from the Final Fantasy series. Sora, Mickey Mouse, and Riku can bring a charming feel to your design.


video game tattoo sleeve Mega Man
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Pay homage to the classic hero Mega Man with a retro-looking video game tattoo sleeve. Incorporate elements like energy blasters, robotic enemies, and sleek, futuristic landscapes.

Lego Star Wars

video game tattoo sleeve Lego Star Wars
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Combine your love for both Star Wars and Lego with a video game tattoo sleeve depicting iconic characters and scenes from the movies in Lego form. This fun design will capture the essence of your favorite franchise playfully.


video game tattoo sleeve Pokemon
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Pokemon fans can bring their favorite creatures to life on their sleeve. From Pikachu to Charizard, this colorful and nostalgic design will showcase your passion for the beloved franchise.


video game tattoo sleeve Fallout
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Represent the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout with a video game tattoo sleeve featuring popular elements like Vault Boy, power armor, and RadAway. This design will appeal to fans who appreciate the darker and grittier side of gaming.

Zelda Majoras Mask

video game tattoo sleeve Zelda Majoras Mask
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A Zelda Majoras Mask-inspired sleeve will bring the mystical world of this fan-favorite game to life. Iconic imagery like the mask, the moon, and protagonist Link offers an enchanting design for all ages.

Luigis Mansion

video game tattoo sleeve Luigis Mansion
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Showcase Luigi’s spooky adventures with a Luigis Mansion-themed sleeve. The design can include elements like ghosts, creepy mansions, and the iconic Poltergust 3000 vacuum.

PlayStation & Nintendo 64 Controller

video game tattoo sleeve Playstation and Nintendo 64 Controller
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Emphasize your love for console gaming with a nostalgic PlayStation or Nintendo 64 controller tattoo design. This retro choice is perfect for those who have a deep appreciation for the consoles they grew up with.

Dark Souls

video game tattoo sleeve Dark Souls
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Venture into the dark world of Dark Souls with a tattoo sleeve featuring some of the most iconic characters and environments from this fan-favorite franchise. Symbolism like bonfires, boss characters, and intricate weapon designs make the sleeve stand out.

The Witcher

video game tattoo sleeve The Witcher
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Capture the fantasy realm of The Witcher with a tattoo design featuring protagonist Geralt of Rivia, mythical creatures, and magical elements from this bestselling game.


video game tattoo sleeve Kirby
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Brighten your day with a playful Kirby-themed sleeve. Incorporate this lovable pink hero and other elements from the colorful and fun universe of the games.


video game tattoo sleeve Halo
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Delve into the sci-fi realm with a Halo-inspired tattoo sleeve, featuring iconic characters such as Master Chief and Cortana, as well as futuristic weaponry and stunning galactic surroundings.

Princess Peach

video game tattoo sleeve Princess Peach
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Give a feminine twist to your gaming video game tattoo sleeve with a design revolving around Princess Peach. This enchanting design can showcase the princess in action, surrounded by colorful backdrops from her games.

Understanding Video Game Tattoo Sleeves

Video game tattoo sleeves have become increasingly popular as a way for gamers to express their passion for their favorite games. By incorporating favorite characters, symbols, and iconic elements from various games, these tattoos allow fans to wear their love for gaming on their skin.

One notable aspect of video game tattoos is the sentimental attachment that gamers often have toward certain characters or games. For instance, featuring Mario on a star power-up would evoke nostalgia and fond memories for many gamers. The same applies to other iconic characters, symbols, and game graphics that have become integral parts of gaming culture.

Here’s a list of some popular video game tattoo themes:

  • Super Mario
  • Final Fantasy
  • World of Warcraft
  • Fallout
  • Pokemon
  • Call of Duty
  • and more…

When considering a video game tattoo sleeve, finding a skilled tattoo artist with experience with gaming-inspired designs is essential. This ensures that the artist can capture the unique graphic styles of various games and bring the characters and elements to life on your skin.

Take some time to research and visit different tattoo studios, like Cast Iron Tattoo in Orlando, FL, where artists have experience with video game sleeves.

Incorporating Personal Style

When designing a video game tattoo sleeve, it’s important to make it personal and unique to you. We believe that incorporating your own style will make your tattoo sleeve truly special. One way to do this is by choosing your favorite video game characters or memorable moments from the games you love.

Think about the art style, colors, and design elements that resonate with you the most. For instance, some gamers might prefer a realistic and detailed approach to their video game tattoos, while others may gravitate towards a more minimalistic or abstract style.

To personalize your tattoo sleeve further, try adding:

  1. Quotes or catchphrases from your favorite characters.
  2. Symbols or logos representing your favorite games.
  3. Scenes depicting a fond memory or significant moment from a game.

Work closely with a professional tattoo artist you trust. Share your ideas, inspirations, and personal style preferences with them, and collaborate on creating a truly one-of-a-kind tattoo sleeve. A talented artist, like Alicia Thomas of Boston Tattoo Company, can help bring your vision to life and provide expert guidance on design and placement.

Finally, always remember to take your time! A tattoo sleeve is a considerable investment, both in terms of time and finance. You’ll want to ensure it’s something you will be proud to display on your body for a lifetime.

Choosing the Right Artist

video game tattoo sleeve Tattoo artist
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Finding the perfect tattoo artist for your gaming sleeve is crucial, as we want to make sure that the artist can bring our vision to life. A great place to start is by looking for an artist who has experience with gaming tattoos.

They might have a portfolio filled with gaming designs or even specialize in working with specific game characters or symbols.

When choosing the right artist, it’s essential to consider the following aspects:

  • Style: Every artist has a unique style of tattooing. We need to decide if we’re looking for a realistic, traditional, or more abstract approach to our tattoo sleeve. This will help us narrow down the list of potential artists.
  • Experience: It’s essential to find an artist with experience in gaming tattoos. This can help us ensure that they have a strong understanding of video game symbolism and the specific characters we want to incorporate into our sleeves. It’s always a good idea to look at their previous work for inspiration.
  • Communication: Having open communication with our potential artists is essential. We need to feel comfortable discussing our ideas, asking questions, and expressing any concerns. A great artist will listen to our ideas and collaborate with us to create a one-of-a-kind sleeve that matches our vision.

To find the right tattoo artist, we can:

  1. Research online: There are plenty of websites and blogs showcasing video game tattoo designs. We can use these platforms to check out various artists and their work.
  2. Check social media: Many artists showcase their portfolios on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. We can follow our favorite artists, check the recommendations of friends and fellow gamers, and compare different styles.
  3. Visit tattoo studios: We can visit local studios and talk to artists in person. This allows us to learn about their work firsthand while also getting a feel for the studio’s atmosphere.

Aftercare and Maintenance

video game tattoo sleeve tattoo aftercare
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When it comes to getting a video game tattoo sleeve, proper aftercare and maintenance are crucial for a successful healing process.

First and foremost, it’s important to keep your tattoo clean. Gently wash the area with mild, fragrance-free soap and water at least twice a day. Make sure to avoid scrubbing or using harsh chemicals, as this can irritate the skin.

According to experts, it’s essential to keep the tattooed area clean and free from bacteria.

Next, let’s talk about moisturization. Keeping the skin moisturized is essential for the tattoo healing process. Use a gentle, fragrance-free moisturizing lotion, and apply it thinly to the tattooed area.

However, be careful not to overdo it, as excessive moisture can negatively affect the healing process. For a list of recommended products, check out this comprehensive guide.

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind during the aftercare process:

  • Avoid exposing your tattoo to direct sunlight: Sun exposure can damage the ink and disturb the healing process. As recommended by Healthline, cover your tattoo with clothing or use sunblock with at least SPF 30 once it is fully healed.
  • Avoid swimming and soaking: Keep your tattoo out of pools, hot tubs, and baths for at least 2-3 weeks, as the water can introduce bacteria into the healing skin.
  • Resist scratching or picking: It’s common for your tattoo to feel itchy or form a scab during the healing process. However, scratching and picking at your tattoo can damage the ink and slow down the healing process.

My Favorite Tattoo?

I don’t have a favorite video game tattoo sleeve in this case. I think many of these works of art are really good and I enjoyed looking at them during my research.

If anything, I would say the Sylvanas tattoo was very good. But I would never get a tattoo myself. Because I simply wouldn’t want something like that on my own skin for eternity.

Nevertheless, I think many of these works of art are very cool and everyone should decide for themselves whether they want to get something like this on their skin.


Can I incorporate multiple video game characters into a tattoo sleeve?

Yes, you can create a cohesive design by blending characters from different games into a single sleeve.

How do I ensure my video game tattoo sleeve ages well?

Choose a skilled artist, use high-quality ink, and follow aftercare instructions to maintain the tattoo’s vibrancy over time.

What are some popular video game tattoo sleeve themes?

Common themes include retro gaming, iconic game symbols, and full scenes from beloved video games.

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