12 Unique Gaming Gadgets You Never Will Miss Out in 2024

You are looking for some unique gaming gadgets that will help you to enjoy your gaming sessions with more comfort? Or you are looking for some decoration gadgets?

Then take a look at our 12 unique gaming gadgets that we have selected for you.

Unique Gaming Gadgets Roundup

Gaming has never been just about the software; the right hardware can elevate the experience to new heights. We scoured the market for the most innovative and quirky gadgets that promise to add an extra layer of immersion, functionality, or just plain fun to your gaming sessions.

We found a range of devices that cater to various gaming needs, from enhancing comfort and control to breaking down the boundaries of virtual reality. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore enthusiast, there’s something in our selection for everyone.

CloudBliss Foot Rest

Feet Comfort
CloudBliss Foot Rest for Under Desk


  • Molds to your feet for tailored support
  • Non-slip base keeps it securely in position
  • Cover is easily removable and machine washable


  • Might be too small for larger feet
  • Can compress under heavier weight
  • Limited to one color option
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04/11/2024 01:49 pm GMT

We think this footrest is a must-have for any gamer seeking comfort during those long hours of play it has truly been a game-changer for us.

After spending endless hours gaming, we’ve found the CloudBliss Foot Rest to be a level-up for under-desk comfort. Its ergonomic design cradles the feet and encourages a healthier posture. The memory foam padding has just the right amount of give, allowing our feet to sink in cozily without losing shape and comforting during intense gaming sessions.

The anti-slip bottom deserves a shoutout, too; no matter how heated the action got, it stayed put, providing a stable platform that supported our every move. It’s reassuring to know that even with all the movement, our footrest isn’t going anywhere.

Divoom Times Gate

Unique Gaming Decor
Divoom Times Gate - Cyberpunk Gaming Setup


  • Adds a personalized touch with custom pixel art
  • Creative display platform
  • Bright, vibrant colors bring life to any gaming setup


  • Setting up the device can be initially challenging
  • The app may have a steep learning curve for some users
  • A bit pricey for what it offers
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04/11/2024 08:27 pm GMT

If you’re looking to amp up your space with a unique gadget that marries utility with creativity, we believe the Divoom Times Gate could be a brilliant addition.

After setting the Divoom Times Gate on our desk, its cyberpunk aesthetic caught our eye immediately. The customizable displays glowed with rich colors, enhancing the room’s vibe instantly.

We found ourselves getting lost in the process of selecting pixel art and GIFs, a testament to the device’s capacity to invoke our creativity. It’s not just a clock; it becomes a central showpiece that echoes the dynamic nature of our digital lives.

Playing around with the smart app control was both entertaining and useful. We were customizing display patterns and checking the weather without skipping a beat. The clock became more than an ornament; it was our quirky assistant, keeping us informed and on time while adding a bit of fun to our daily routine.

In terms of value, this gadget is on the pricier side. But for those of us who see the appeal in an interactive, customizable piece that contributes to our gaming environment’s ambiance, the investment can be justified. We relished the process of making it our own and its luminous presence is impossible to ignore.

Sofa Buddy Cup Holder

Functional Organizer
Couch and Bed Cup Holder Pillow Organizer


  • Keeps your gaming area spill-free and organized
  • Multifunctional design holds drinks and gadgets within reach
  • Insulating foam keeps beverages at the desired temperature


  • Limited to use on surfaces that support pillows
  • Beige color might not suit all decor styles
  • Made of materials that may not appeal to every user
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04/11/2024 08:42 pm GMT

We think you’ll love this cup holder pillow for its incredible usefulness during gaming marathons and lazy days alike.

After settling down for an evening of gaming, we popped our drinks and snacks into the Sofa Buddy Cup Holder. Immediately, the living room looked neater, and we felt ready to dive into our gaming session. Its convenient compartments provided a secure spot for our beverages, gaming gear, and phone, which meant we spent less time fumbling around for our stuff and more time enjoying our play.

While relaxing with our latest RPG, we noticed another major perk. The Sofa Buddy’s insulating foam kept our drinks cool, adding a small, yet appreciated touch of comfort to our experience. Plus, the removable cover was a snap to clean ideal for those who know the inevitable snack spill is just a matter of when, not if.

Our only gripe was that it needs a sofa or bed to sit on—so if you’re gaming at a desk, this might not be the gadget for you. Nonetheless, it didn’t take long for us to consider the Sofa Buddy an essential part of our gaming setup, especially for those extended play sessions.

Xergur RGB Headphone Stand

Unique RGB Headphone Stand
RGB Gaming Headphone Stand


  • Creates an immersive gaming atmosphere
  • Additional charging USB and USB-C ports
  • Simple lighting touch control with memory function


  • The stand may be too lightweight for heavier headsets
  • Bright lights might be distracting for some users
  • Limited to tabletop mounting, lacking versatility in placement
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04/11/2024 09:19 pm GMT

If you’re looking to enhance your gaming setup with some flair and functionality, this stand is a game-changer we’ve grown quite fond of.

The array of lighting options left us spoilt for choice, toggling between colors and effects to fit our mood just with a simple touch.

The incorporation of extra USB ports made it a multi-functional addition to our gaming arsenal. Charging devices or transferring data without reaching behind the PC was a convenience we didn’t know we needed until now.

Despite those benefits, we noticed the stand struggled a bit with our heavier set of cans. While it’s perfect for lighter headsets, there’s a chance of it tipping over with bulkier kinds.

Additionally, those with a preference for subtler lighting may find the bright LEDs more distracting than helpful, so consider your lighting preference before making the purchase.

Eurpmask Headphone Hanger

Smart Headset Holder
PC Gaming Headset Headphone Hook Holder


  • Easily clamps to various desk thicknesses
  • Headphones are easily accessible
  • Includes a cable clip to keep wires tidy


  • Might feel a bit flimsy due to plastic construction
  • The clamp may not fit perfectly on desks with an irregular edge
  • It’s light-duty, so don’t hang heavy items
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04/11/2024 10:30 pm GMT

We think this Eurpmask Headphone Hanger is a must-have if you’re aiming to keep your gaming area neat and your headphones within arm’s reach.

Slipping on my headset, I’m immediately thankful for how the Eurpmask Headphone Hanger keeps it off the desk and out of the hazard zone of spills. This clever little device latched effortlessly onto my desk, and its 360-degree swivel functionality means I can tuck my headphones neatly away when I’m done blasting zombies in my latest VR escapade.

The built-in cable organizer has truly uncluttered my space. I no longer need to untangle wires before jumping into a game—what a timesaver! Plus, the rubber pads on the clamp preserved my desk’s finish, showing the thought Eurpmask put into its design.

Structurally, while made of plastic, the hanger has a satisfactory hold. The spring clamp grips firmly despite the occasional rough adjustment. However, it’s wise to be gentle; the hanger isn’t made for heavy lifting. It’s perfect for keeping lightweight gaming gear within reach without taking up precious desk real estate.

VIKTOR JURGEN Shiatsu Massager

1K+ bought in past month
VIKTOR JURGEN Neck Massage Pillow


  • Eases muscular tension with deep kneading action
  • Heat function adds comfort that enhances the massage
  • Comes with car and AC adapters for on-the-go use


  • May be intense for those with sensitive skin
  • Not as effective on denser muscle areas
  • Motor strain under excessive pressure
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04/11/2024 10:35 pm GMT

After long hours at the gaming desk, we felt knots in our shoulders melting away under the massager’s firm rotation. The convenience of switching on the heat feature added a cozy warmth that seemed to penetrate deep into the tired muscles, offering a significantly comforting experience.

It’s quite versatile, promptly conforming to various body parts. When our lower back began to protest after an intense gameplay session, wrapping this gadget around the chair did the trick; it fit just as perfectly as it did on our necks.

Knowing that it comes with an easy-to-clean dust cloth reassures us that hygiene won’t be an issue, especially when it gets passed around during multiplayer gaming nights. Despite the robust massage it provides, it’s gentle enough on the surface, thanks to the protective cloth.

Our gaming breaks are now synonymous with rejuvenation, thanks to this mighty little massager. Its deep kneading action may occasionally feel too intense, but the overall effect is nothing short of revitalizing. That said, power users or friends with robust builds noted it’s less effective for them, and piling on too much pressure may lead to motor strain.

Still, for those moderate massage needs, this is a game-changer for any gamer’s relaxation regime.

SENCU 3D Infinity Mirror Light

Great Nightlight
3D Night Light with Infinity Mirror


  • Multifunctional mirror and ambient light
  • Customizable with smart app controls
  • Provides an immersive visual experience perfect for gaming setups


  • Remote and app may be finicky based on customer feedback
  • Some users report durability concerns with the stand
  • Limited light intensity not suitable for all users
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04/11/2024 11:07 pm GMT

Having spent some time with the SENCU 3D Infinity Mirror Light, we’re quite taken with its dual-purpose design. Closed, it’s a sleek mirror, but opened, it transforms into a vibrant mood light, adding a pop of color and whimsy that is just mesmerizing.

The customizable settings via the app are a real hit, allowing us to sync it effortlessly with our gaming sessions or just to set the vibe for a chill evening.

We noticed that the remote control doesn’t always cooperate, and we needed a couple of tries to get the app to behave. But once we got it working, cycling through the colors and effects was straightforward, which is all you need for a personal touch to your gaming space.

Its portable nature is a bonus, particularly for those of us who like to change up their gaming location or take their show on the road. We’ve had a blast testing it out during a late-night gaming marathon, and it’s stayed steady on the desk, though we’ve been careful with the stand after reading some user concerns.

The added charm of this SENCU Infinity Mirror Light is undeniable. It’s not just another gadget; it also sparks conversations and brings a part of the game into our world. Although we had to handle it with a bit more care than expected, and the light could’ve been a tad brighter, it has undoubtedly won over our gaming hearts.

Bluetooth Beanie

Great Geek Gift
Bluetooth Beanie Headphones Hat


  • Integrates audio with winter wear effortlessly
  • Comfort and sound quality are well-balanced
  • Washing is straightforward electronics removable


  • May not fit snugly on smaller heads
  • Lack of sound isolation can be a problem in noisy environments
  • Fashion-forward gamers might find the design too simplistic
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04/11/2024 11:21 pm GMT

We think this Bluetooth beanie is a fantastic buy for any gamer who wants to keep their head warm while enjoying excellent sound quality.

Imagine you’re playing your favorite RPG and wish to immerse yourself in its world, even on a chilly evening walk. That’s where the Bluetooth Beanie comes into play.

Combining the comfort of a warm hat with the convenience of listening to your game’s soundtrack, it enhances your gameplay experience beyond the confines of your living room.

The beanie pairs easily with our devices; we were up and running in minutes. The sound output is surprisingly crisp, and not having to fuss with wires or earbuds is liberating. We used it while taking a brisk jog around the park and the soundtrack never skipped a beat.

Cleaning turned out to be hassle-free, even after repeated use. The electronics slip out quickly, so you can refresh the beanie without damaging the tech. We threw it into a gentle wash and it came out looking as good as new. Handy for those who game hard and need their gear to keep up.

However, while the sound is clear, don’t expect the same isolation as over-ear headphones. Ambient noise does filter through, which can be a drawback in louder environments. And while the beanie looks sleek, it may not pass muster for those who prefer their gaming gear with a bit more edge in the style department.

QAQcew Fidget Pen

Perfect Gift Idea
QAQcew Fidget Pen, Decompression Magnetic Fidget Toy Pen


  • Versatile gadget that combines play with function
  • Solid build and strong magnets provide lasting use
  • Helps reduce stress and stimulate creativity


  • Small parts can be a hazard for young children
  • Durability may be an issue with extensive bending and shaping
  • Ink cartridge and magnets could malfunction with rough handling
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
04/11/2024 11:34 pm GMT

Having recently got our hands on the QAQcew Fidget Pen, we’re impressed by its satisfying tactile experience. It’s the perfect fusion of a toy and a functional pen, allowing for a welcome change of pace during intense gaming sessions or a bout of writer’s block.

The flexibility of the pen does wonders for the imagination. It easily morphs into whatever shape your mind conjures up, from abstract patterns to miniature sculptures. In between brainstorming sessions, tinkering with the magnetic pieces is oddly soothing.

It’s important to note that although the pen is quite durable, it’s not indestructible. The ink cartridge and magnets are susceptible to damage if you’re not gentle with your creations.

As a cool desk accessory or a novel gift, the QAQcew Fidget Pen sparks joy and creativity. Just keep its limitations in mind and it should be a delightful addition to your collection of gadgets.

KDD RGB Gaming Stand

Multifunctional Stand
KDD Gaming RGB Headphones Controller Stand


  • Multifunctional with a headset and controller holders
  • Diverse connectivity with USB, 3.5mm, Type-C ports
  • Straightforward, tool-free assembly


  • Light intensity might not meet everyone's expectations
  • Material may feel less premium to some users
  • Limited charging functionality with just two USB ports
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
04/11/2024 11:52 pm GMT

I just got my hands on the KDD RGB Gaming Stand and I can attest to its convenience in keeping my gaming area neat and stylish. With a place to rest my headphones and hang my controllers, it’s been a game-changer. The assembly couldn’t be simpler; it clicked together in no time, and I had it up and running straight out of the box.

The integrated RGB lighting adds a fantastic ambiance to my setup. Cycling through the colors and effects is a breeze, creating that perfect gaming mood. I even found the USB ports handy for charging devices, though I’d appreciate more ports for all my gear.

I’ve slotted my array of controllers onto the stand—everything holds up without a hitch. Although, I have to mention, while the stand feels sturdy enough, the plastic material might not scream high-end. Despite this, it’s a reliable spot to safely dock my accessories. Plus, the portability is a bonus for when I attend LAN parties.

ZUUKOO Smart Light Bar

Cool Decor Lights
ZUUKOO Smart RGB LED Light Bar


  • Immersive ambient lighting for gaming setup
  • App-controlled features
  • Music sync function reacts to audio


  • The light bar may not be bright enough for well-lit rooms.
  • Some users might find the app controls and settings need refinement.
  • The transition between colors isn't as smooth as some might prefer.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/02/2024 02:37 am GMT

If you’re into creating a vibrant and reactive gaming environment, this light bar might just be the touch you need to elevate your space.

As soon as we set up the ZUUKOO Smart Light Bar, the room took on a whole new personality. The range of colors and the way they blended into the environment gave our gaming area that extra pizzazz, making it not only a place to play games but also a showpiece for when friends come over.

Tapping into the app to adjust the settings was relatively straightforward, and scheduling the light patterns for different parts of the day was a nice touch. It felt like we had complete control over the ambiance.

Especially captivating was the music sync feature. Watching the lights dance in sync with the pulse of our game’s soundtrack brought a fresh level of immersion that was simply not there before. Despite the minor hiccup with some color transitions, the overall experience was pleasing.

Divoom TimeBox Evo

Cool Retro Decoration
Divoom TimeBox Evo Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker


  • Charming pixel art display that spurs creativity
  • Impressive sound quality for its size
  • Multifunctionality enhances its value


  • Screen resolution may not satisfy all pixel art enthusiasts
  • Bluetooth speaker sound is decent
  • The companion app requires some time to master
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
04/12/2024 03:24 am GMT

If you’re after a gadget that’s as enjoyable to look at as it is to use, we can’t recommend the Divoom TimeBox Evo enough.

After spending some time with the TimeBox Evo, we’ve taken to its quirkiness. There’s something purely delightful about designing our pixel art and having it displayed right on our desks.

This little speaker’s ability to double as a creative outlet, not to mention a decent alarm clock, adds a layer of fun to our gaming setup that we didn’t know we were missing.

Toggling through the various options on the app, we’re struck by just how much the TimeBox Evo can do. From setting up reminders to act as a scorekeeper during our gaming sessions, its versatility is a welcome advantage. Plus, our friends can’t help but be drawn to its unique charm every time they visit.

While we appreciate its capabilities, the limited resolution of the pixel display means our masterpieces won’t have the finesse of a higher-resolution screen – but that’s part of its retro appeal.

We’ve also noticed that while the speaker delivers satisfactory sound, audiophiles might yearn for something more. Despite these considerations, the joy and utility the TimeBox Evo brings to the table are well worth it.

My favorite Gaming Gadget

I like the Divoom TimeBox Evo mostly from our list.

Used correctly, this box can serve as a very cool decoration for your gaming room or desk. I find this box particularly attractive for retro fans.
I even see the fact that music can be played through it as more of a bonus feature.

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