Heated Mouse Pad Black Pink USB

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Stay cozy while working with our Heated Mouse Pad in chic black or playful pink. Its USB-powered design ensures quick, safe hand warmth—perfect for chilly offices or late-night gaming sessions.

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Description of Heated Mouse Pad:

Experience comfort and warmth at your fingertips with our Heated Mouse Pad, thoughtfully designed to enhance your desk setup. This innovative accessory, available in sleek black or vibrant pink, is the perfect companion for office workers and students who face the cold touch of winter.

Our heated hand-warming mouse pad is crafted with high-quality PVC, non-woven fabric, and a super soft short plush that feels luxurious under your wrist.

It offers ample space for mouse movement without feeling cramped. The built-in super large heating chip quickly warms up to a cozy temperature, ensuring your hands stay warm and nimble for hours of comfortable use.

Included in the package is one USB-heated mouse pad, ready to plug in and use. Please note that a slight measurement error should be considered, and the actual color may vary slightly from your display screen. Embrace the warmth and say goodbye to cold hands with our Heated Mouse Pad, where comfort meets functionality.


  • Material Composition: PVC, Non-woven Fabric, Super Soft Short Plush
  • Heating Element: USB-powered Large Heating Chip
  • Size Dimensions: Approx. 29×22 cm (11.41×8.66 inches)
  • Available Colors: Black, Pink (optional)
  • Design Features: Humanized Wrist Guard with High Elasticity
  • Temperature: Fast Heating for Optimal Warmth
  • Power Source: Standard USB Connection
  • Package Contents: 1x USB-heated Mouse Pad


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