Nickmercs Gaming Room $300.000 Bucks for One Impressive Room

Everyone has heard about incredible gaming setups, but have you ever come across Nickmercs’ impressive gaming room which he built in 2019?

Nickmercs’ gaming room has been in the making for over eight months, and it’s clear that the attention to detail has paid off. This space is filled with cutting-edge technology and innovations that any gamer would envy. It’s no surprise that this fantastic room was worth the $300,000 investment.

These days he lives in Florida, but he still owns the house with its $300,000 gaming room. That’s why we’re going to take a closer look at it. There’s certainly plenty of inspiration to be found there.

Overview of Nickmercs Gaming Room

Room Layout and Design

We recently came across Nickmercs’ new gaming room and it certainly caught our attention. It’s magnificent, with a well-organized layout and design that caters to every gaming enthusiast’s needs. Nick spent over eight months creating this masterpiece, and it’s full of cutting-edge technology.

Inside the room, the desk setup consists of multiple monitors, powerful gaming computers, and various peripherals that cater to Nick’s gaming style. The room itself is designed with both function and aesthetics in mind, featuring stylish custom cabinetry and plenty of storage space.

Lighting and Acoustics

The lighting and acoustics in Nickmercs’ gaming room are also top-notch. To create an immersive gaming experience, the room is equipped with smart LED lights, which can change colors and intensity according to mood and game type.

As for the acoustics, the room’s design includes soundproofing that prevents echoes or sound leakage. This ensures that Nickmercs can enjoy gaming and streaming without disturbing other occupants of the house.

In a nutshell, Nickmercs’ gaming room is a perfect example of a state-of-the-art space designed for gamers and content creators. The combination of stunning aesthetics and functional elements makes it an ideal setup for professional gamers like Nick.

Gaming Setup

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Gaming PC Specifications

We were impressed by NICKMERCS’s gaming PC setup, which comprises top-notch components that deliver high-performance gameplay. In particular, his custom-built NZXT gaming PC is powered by an Nvidia Geforce RTX GPU [^1^] and contains an impressive range of specs and hardware (found on Setupgamers and StreamScheme). To provide a quick glimpse, here are some highlights of his gaming PC specifications:

Table 1: NICKMERCS’s PC Specifications Overview

GPUNvidia Geforce RTX 3090 Founders Edition
CPUAMD Ryzen 9 5950X
CaseNZXT H510 Elite Black

Console Collection

In addition to his powerful gaming PC, NICKMERCS also boasts a remarkable console collection. His gaming space houses four complete setups, each equipped with a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and both consoles, as well as a PC. The consoles in NICKMERCS’s collection include popular choices like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles, which he seamlessly switches between while streaming and gaming.

Peripheral Devices

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NICKMERCS’s gaming space is not only limited to powerful PCs and an enviable console collection; it also includes a selection of high-end peripheral devices. He has chosen carefully to optimize his gaming and streaming experience. For precise aiming and movement, he uses the Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse. Alongside this, he has opted for the Logitech G PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, well-known for its excellent responsiveness and durability.

By combining exceptional gaming PC specifications, a versatile console collection, and top-of-the-line peripheral devices, NICKMERCS has managed to create an outstanding gaming setup for its streaming and competitive gaming sessions.

MouseLogitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse
KeyboardLogitech G PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
ControllerScuf Reflex MFAM Edition
HeadsetAstro Gaming A50 Wireless Headset

Streaming Equipment

Camera and Microphone Setup

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When talking about NICKMERCS’ gaming room, it’s hard to ignore his outstanding streaming equipment. His choice of camera is the Logitech C922 Webcam which ensures a crisp and clear image for his viewers. To provide excellent sound quality, he uses the well-acclaimed Shure SM7B Microphone.

We’ve assembled the streaming equipment in a helpful table for easy reference:

EquipmentProduct NameDescription
CameraLogitech C922 WebcamHigh-quality webcam
MicrophoneShure SM7B MicrophoneProfessional-grade microphone

Green Screen and Lighting

A significant aspect of NICKMERCS’ streaming setup is his green screen and lighting equipment. Although the details about the specific green screen are scarce, we can tell you that he uses advanced lighting techniques to enhance his on-screen appearance. In addition, he has a multi-camera setup to showcase different angles of his gaming room (source).

A combination of high-quality streaming equipment, green screen, and fantastic lighting make NICKMERCS’ streaming experience undoubtedly one of the best in the gaming community.

Personal Touches

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Decor and Memorabilia

In Nickmercs’ incredible gaming room, we find various distinctive pieces of decor and memorabilia throughout the space. These personal touches truly make the room feel not only professional but also uniquely tailored to his personality. Among the items on display, you’ll find a custom FaZe Clan logo prominently featured on the widescreen, which pays homage to his affiliation with the popular esports organization.

In addition to the FaZe Clan logo, there’s a mix of framed jerseys, posters, and collectibles showcasing Nickmercs’ impressive gaming achievements throughout his career. Also, it’s worth mentioning the careful selection of lighting that adds a modern, high-tech ambiance to the overall space.

Comfort Features

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It’s not just about the visual aesthetics; Nickmercs’ gaming room also boasts numerous comfort features designed to support his gaming sessions and make for a more pleasurable experience. In his basement studio, you’ll find an extensive seating area equipped with ergonomic chairs to ensure comfort during those long streaming sessions.

Apart from seating, other elements contribute to making this space as cozy as possible, such as soundproofing for improved audio quality and privacy during gaming marathons. The overall arrangement and thoughtful layout of the room certainly demonstrate the care and attention that went into creating an environment to support both his gaming and streaming endeavors.

Incorporating these personal touches truly elevates the gaming room, making it one of the most advanced and customized gaming environments that many aspiring gamers would envy. By blending professional-grade equipment with sentimental memorabilia and comfort-minded features, Nickmercs’ gaming room achieves a remarkable balance that showcases his dedication and passion for the gaming community.

Impressive Gaming Room for Me

I find it fascinating and impressive how Nickmerc has set up its gaming room. The waterfall in particular is simply a statement.

What’s more, the entire price for the room is simply insane. Many people spend that much on their whole house.

But I still took a few things away with me. I was particularly taken with the hexagonal panels attached to the ceiling as sound insulation.
I’ll be using these in the future when decorating my gaming room.


1. What equipment does Nickmercs use in his gaming room?

Nickmercs uses a custom-built gaming PC, a PlayStation 5, an Xbox Series X, and a variety of peripherals such as a scuff controller and a high-quality gaming monitor.

How does Nickmercs set up his gaming room for streaming?

Nickmercs has a dedicated streaming area within his gaming room, equipped with professional lighting, a high-quality microphone, and a green screen for a clean and professional background.

What kind of furniture does Nickmercs have in his gaming room?

Nickmercs has a comfortable gaming chair, a large gaming desk to accommodate all his equipment, and additional storage units for organization and to keep the room clutter-free.

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