10 Epic Video Game Choral Music Tracks to Give You Goosebumps

Choral music has the power to captivate and transport listeners to other worlds. In the realm of video games, this holds especially true. Video game choral music plays a significant role in creating immersive atmospheres and unforgettable moments for millions of players around the world.

From haunting melodies echoing through the virtual halls of ancient temples to rousing anthems lending gravity to epic battles, choral music in video games can elicit a wide range of emotions in players. When combined with stunning visuals and compelling narratives, these meticulously crafted compositions add depth and nuance to digital realms, turning them into experiences that linger in gamers’ memories long after the screen has gone dark.

In this article, we show you our Top 10 Epic choral video game music titles. Also, we talk about the evolution of the game music, the impact of the music, and the various types of choral video game music.

Evolution of Video Game Choral Music

We can trace the growth of video game choral music from its humble 8-bit beginnings to the stunning orchestrations of today. With this evolution, the role of choirs has become more prominent and vital in creating immersive gaming experiences.

From 8-Bit to Orchestrations

The early days of video game choral music were defined by simple 8-bit tunes, limited by the technical constraints of the gaming hardware. As technology advanced over the years, composers began experimenting with more intricate arrangements, and orchestras became increasingly involved in game score productions. This marked a pivotal moment in the development of video game choral music, with choirs taking center stage alongside the rich instrumentals.

Notable Milestones

Throughout the years, there have been several milestones in video game choral music that have contributed to its growth and evolution. One such example is the iconic choral score featured in the Halo series, which pushed boundaries and redefined what music could achieve in gaming. The powerful combination of orchestral arrangements and choral vocals helped to immerse players in the game’s vast universe.

Another standout moment is the Final Fantasy series, which showcased the versatility of video game choral music. As the series progressed, the music became more intricate, often incorporating traditional choral pieces into the soundtrack.

Throughout its history, video game choral music has gone through a remarkable evolution, demonstrating the power and depth that a choir can bring to the gaming experience. As the industry continues to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible, we can expect to see even more memorable choral moments in the future.

Our Epic Top 10 Game Choral Tracks

The world of video game choral music never ceases to amaze us with its emotional depth and sweeping grandeur. In that spirit, we’ve put together our top 10 game choral tracks that are sure to leave you awestruck and filled with intense emotions.

Final Fantasy – One-Winged Angel

Notorious for its epic scale and powerful choir, One-Winged Angel from Final Fantasy VII is a legendary piece that has resonated with gamers for decades.

The Elder Scrolls – Dragonborn

Skyrim’s Dragonborn theme evokes the heroic spirit and grand adventure of the game. The powerful chanting of the choir transports you to the lands of Tamriel.

Halo – Theme

The orchestral and choral elements in Halo’s theme are unforgettable, with a hauntingly beautiful melody that echoes the game’s thrilling storyline.

World of Warcraft – Invincible

Invincible captures the essence of the World of Warcraft universe, with its strong and emotional choral arrangements that take you on an epic journey through Azeroth.

Final Fantasy – Hymn of the Fayth

Hymn of the Fayth from Final Fantasy X features a serene choral arrangement that encaptures the game’s deeply spiritual narrative.

The Elder Scrolls – Silt Sunrise

Silt Sunrise, beautifully composed for The Elder Scrolls Online, captures the allure of the game’s mystical world with its ethereal choral backdrop.

Kingdom Hearts – Destati

Destati from the Kingdom Hearts series is a powerful and inspiring choral composition that embodies the powerful emotions experienced during the game.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl – Main Theme

The Main Theme from Super Smash Bros. Brawl combines an engaging and triumphant choral anthem with the spirit of friendly competition that the game is known for.

God of War – Overture

God of War’s Overture showcases the raw power and unyielding determination of the game’s protagonist Kratos, in a choral arrangement that commands the utmost respect.

Halo – Unforgotten

Lastly, Unforgotten from the Halo series brings a hauntingly beautiful choral performance that encapsulates the poignant and tragic nature of the game’s narrative.

Impact and Significance of Choral Music in Video Games

Heroes journey with Video Game Choral Music

Choral music is an essential part of video game choral music, serving a significant role in the gaming experience. In this section, we will discuss the impact and significance of choral music in video games by covering two main sub-topics, “Enhancing Narrative and Emotional Response” and “Musical Themes and Character Development.”

Enhancing Narrative and Emotional Response

Choral music greatly contributes to a game’s atmosphere and to the player’s emotional engagement. The use of choirs in video game music often signifies a link to the divine or otherworldly, setting the stage for religious or extraordinary encounters, whether indirectly by entering sacred ground or directly by facing a paradigm-shaking opponent 1. As Grant Kirkhope, video game composer, has mentioned, “The images tell the story, but the music tells you how to feel” 2. It’s clear that the power of choral music helps shape the emotions the player experiences.

Musical Themes and Character Development

Using choral music effectively can also be essential when creating strong themes and memorable characters. Often, composers use choir sections to evoke particular emotions or associations with characters and their stories. This contributes to a deeper connection between the player and the character, ultimately enhancing both the gameplay and narrative. Composers select songs that engage players and help them to concentrate on the task at hand, substantially impacting the gaming experience3. In this way, video game choral music plays a vital role in creating memorable and immersive gaming worlds.


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Types of Choral Music Used in Video Games

Video Game Choral Music

Video game choral music has the power to evoke powerful emotions and immerse players in the virtual worlds they navigate. Let’s explore three main types of choral music used in video games.

Epic and Grandeur

Epic and grand choral pieces often accompany intense, climactic moments in games. These compositions are characterized by powerful, thundering choirs that add a sense of grandeur to the gameplay. Think of pieces like the Dire Miralis theme from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate or the sweeping orchestral scores often found in Final Fantasy games.

Mysterious and Ethereal

Mysterious and ethereal choral music brings a sense of wonder and intrigue to gaming worlds. It often employs otherworldly harmonies and ghostly vocals, immersing the player in an enigmatic atmosphere. The haunting melodies of Omnis Lacrima from Final Fantasy XV is a prime example of choral music in this vein.

Sad and Emotional

Finally, we have sad and emotional choral pieces. These compositions often feature somber, melancholic melodies and emotive vocal performances that tug at the heartstrings. They perfectly underscore the pivotal moments in a game’s narrative where the outcome is uncertain or a beloved character faces adversity. Examples of such emotive tracks can be found in the Epic Choral Video Game Music Vol. 2 collection on YouTube.

Best Music for Working and Gaming

I love listening to video game choral music, especially when I listen to video games or work. Right now as I write these lines I am listening to music from a game I used to play a lot. Namely from World of Warcraft.

Do you also like to listen to such music? Feel free to write your favorite tracks in the comments of this post. I am curious.


What music should be included in choral music?

Choral music should include pieces that are written for multiple voices, harmonies, and often feature religious or classical themes. Other genres, such as folk and pop, can also be adapted for choral arrangements. (source: Wikipedia)

How does choral music work?

Choral music consists of two or more vocal lines that are sung in harmony by a choir. The conductor interprets the score and directs the simultaneous performance of several singers by using gestures. Choral music has a long history in European church music and is a polyphonal genre. (source: Britannica and Wikipedia)

How does choral music work?

Choral music consists of two or more vocal lines that are sung in harmony by a choir. The conductor interprets the score and directs the simultaneous performance of several singers by using gestures. Choral music has a long history in European church music and is a polyphonal genre. (source: Britannica and Wikipedia)

Why does choral music sound so good?

Choral music sounds good because of the way the human voice blends together in harmony. The combination of voices creates a rich, full sound that can evoke strong emotions in listeners. Additionally, choral music often features complex harmonies and arrangements that can be challenging to perform, making it impressive to hear. (source: Deer Creek Chorale)

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