Top 8: Best Gaming PC Under $1000 2024 – High Gaming Performance

Staying under $1000, I believe it’s possible to find a machine that both dazzles and delivers without draining the bank account.

I’ve been on the lookout for the best gaming PC under $1000 and have taken a closer look at them for you. Here is my selection.

Finding Best Gaming PC Under $1000

I’ve carefully researched and compiled a list of the best gaming PCs that you can snag for under $1000. These machines offer great value, balancing performance and affordability, to ensure you can enjoy the latest games without breaking the bank. Let’s dive into the options that’ll give you the most bang for your buck!

MSI Codex R

Great Gaming Performance for the Price
MSI Codex R Gaming Desktop, i5-13400F, RTX 4060, 32GB DDR5, 2TB M.2 NVMe, RGB Fan Cooling, 650W 80+ Gold, Keyboard & Mouse, Windows 11 Pro


  • Exceptional performance for gaming and multitasking
  • Generous RAM with 32GB
  • Including mouse and keyboard


  • Could be overkill for casual users
  • Limited upgradability due to the compact design
  • Graphics card issues reported by a few users
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06/23/2024 09:50 pm GMT

I’d recommend this gaming PC to anyone looking for a powerful rig under $1000, as it strikes a sweet balance between performance and price. (Update 03/17/2024: Price has risen to over $1000 when the article was published)

After spending some quality time with the MSI Codex R, I’m pretty impressed by how smoothly it handles the latest games. You really feel the power of the i5 processor; there’s no lag or stuttering, even when things get hectic on screen.

The ability to multitask is also a significant selling point – the device maintains its speed even with multiple apps open.

The 32GB of DDR5 memory in this machine is more than adequate, making loading times virtually non-existent. And with 2TB of storage space, I never have to worry about where to keep my growing game library.

Plus, the included keyboard and mouse meant I didn’t need to scramble for peripherals, which was a nice touch.

What’s also worth mentioning is the sleek black tower design. It’s compact enough to fit on or under most desks without taking up too much room. However, its size does mean that upgrading components down the line might be a challenge. But for me, the current setup is more than enough to handle any task I throw at it.

A few users noted issues with the graphics card, but I’ve yet to encounter any problems. The RTX 4060 packs a punch, rendering stunning visuals without breaking a sweat. I can say that the overall performance more than makes up for these minor concerns; the MSI Codex R delivers an exceptional gaming experience that’s hard to beat at this price point.

iBuyPower SlateMesh

Worth Every Penny!
iBuyPower SlateMesh Gaming PC, SlateMeshA5N4601, Ryzen 5 7600, RTX 4060 8GB, 16GB DDR5 5200 Mhz, 500GB NVMe SSD, Windows 11 Home, Black


  • Strong gaming performance; easily handles current games
  • Aesthetic design with customizable RGB lighting
  • Bonus inclusions like the gaming keyboard and mouse add value


  • Only 500GB of storage - might need upgrading for serious gamers
  • Potential software issues requiring troubleshooting
  • Some users report overheating during extended gaming sessions
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06/24/2024 09:39 pm GMT

Fresh out of the box, the iBuyPower SlateMesh gave off a fantastic first impression. The tempered glass RGB case didn’t just look cool; it felt like a preview of the kind of quality gaming sessions I was in for.

Getting everything set up was a breeze, and before I knew it, I was diving into the latest game titles. I was particularly impressed by the added perks. The Wi-Fi caught on quickly and stayed reliable, making it easy for me to download games and updates.

The inclusion of a gaming keyboard and mouse was a pleasant surprise that saved me from making extra purchases. They felt responsive and durable, suitable for both casual gaming and more intense sessions.

I did notice a hiccup or two when it came to software. The machine prompted me to reinstall Windows, which was a slight inconvenience. However, after smoothing out that initial bump, it was smooth sailing.

That being said, I would consider upgrading the storage soon if you have a sizeable game library. Also, for marathon gamers, keep an eye on the temperature – it seems to get a bit warm during extended use.

All in all, my experience with the iBuyPower SlateMesh was positive. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking to get into PC gaming and wants a machine that will give them a great experience right out of the gate, with some room to grow.

CyberpowerPC Gamer Master

200+ Bought in Past Month
CyberpowerPC Gamer Master Gaming PC, AMD Ryzen 5 7600 3.8GHz, GeForce RTX 4060 8GB, 16GB DDR5, 500GB NVMe SSD, Wi-Fi Ready & Windows 11 Home (GMA2700A)


  • Impressive RTX4060 graphics card
  • Fast and straightforward setup process
  • Attractive case design, customizable RGB lighting


  • Can get a bit noisy under heavy load
  • Limited storage space with 500GB
  • Only basic peripherals included
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06/24/2024 09:55 pm GMT

Having played the latest AAA games on the CyberpowerPC Gamer Master, I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the consistent, high frame rates and stunning visuals it delivers.

Its AMD Ryzen 5 CPU and the GeForce RTX 4060 GPU combination have no trouble running games at high settings. Plus, the whole setup was a breeze, and I got everything up and running in no time.

The design of the PC stands out, thanks to the tempered glass panel and customizable RGB lighting – it’s a chic addition to my setup. Managing the system’s lighting to suit my mood enhances my overall gaming experience.

The aesthetics are not all; the machine’s internals are well-organized, making any future upgrades less of a hassle.

However, while playing graphically demanding titles, the fans do ramp up, and it becomes noticeable.

Gamers with a substantial collection may also find the 500GB SSD limiting, so consider investing in additional storage. Lastly, the included keyboard and mouse are basic, so dedicated gamers might want to upgrade these peripherals for the best experience.

Overall, the CyberpowerPC Gamer Master is a strong contender in its price range and certainly holds its own for gaming enthusiasts.

Skytech Chronos Mini

Quick and Easy High Spec Gaming
Skytech Gaming Chronos Mini PC, Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz, RTX 3050, 500GB NVME SSD, 16GB DDR4 RAM 3200, 600W Gold PSU, Wi-Fi, Windows 11 Home


  • Handles current titles smoothly
  • Quick system boot-up with the NVME SSD
  • Stylish design with customizable RGB fans


  • Limited upgradeability due to the mini case
  • Could use more USB ports for peripherals
  • Small Storage with 500GB SSD

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06/25/2024 10:05 pm GMT

Switching on the Skytech Chronos Mini, I’m greeted with the snappy start-up of Windows 11, thanks to the NVME SSD.

The compact size means it fits comfortably on my desk without monopolizing space—a definite plus.

Gaming on this machine is a joy. Reflecting on a recent marathon session, the powerful combination of the Ryzen 5 and RTX 3050 effortlessly kept up. It delivered crisp, clear graphics and smooth frame rates on demanding titles like Apex Legends and Cyberpunk 2077.

The Chronos Mini also makes an immediate impression with its aesthetics. The sleek black case, accented by vibrant RGB fans, adds a touch of personal flair to my gaming setup, making it a conversation starter.

On the flip side, the mini tower form factor does limit the potential for adding extra hardware down the line. Additionally, having a few more USB ports would have been convenient for a setup involving multiple gaming accessories.

Lastly, although 500GB of SSD storage is sufficient for many, having a larger capacity or an additional hard drive could be beneficial for those with extensive game libraries.

CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme

5-Star Rating on Amazon
CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme PC, Intel Core i5-13400KF, NVIDIA Geforce RTX 4060 8GB, 32GB RAM, 2TB SSD, Windows 11 Home, Black


  • Seamless gaming with robust graphics
  • Fast loading times with the 2TB SSD
  • Striking case with customizable lighting


  • Limited upgradeability with budget components
  • May need additional cooling for heavy gaming
  • Slightly noisy under load
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/26/2024 08:50 pm GMT

I just spent the weekend putting the CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme through its paces, and I’m genuinely impressed. Gaming sessions with this beast are nothing short of thrilling.

With the RTX 4060’s power, the visuals in my favorite games were rich and fluid, and I didn’t notice any stutter even during intense scenes. That’s a game-changer for competitive and casual players alike.

The combination of 32GB RAM and the snappy 2TB SSD meant I was leaping from task to task without any lag. Boot-up times were nearly instantaneous; I was up and running my games and applications much faster than I’d been used to.

The vibrant ARGB case lighting added a dynamic flair to my setup, and I got to express a bit of my personality with its customization options. Every time I fired up my PC, I couldn’t help but smile at the lively colors that greeted me.

But no system is without its drawbacks. Considering the price point, some of the components might not live up to the expectations of more tech-savvy gamers looking into long-term upgrades.

Furthermore, after a few marathon sessions, it became evident that the cooling setup might struggle a bit with heat dissipation during extensive gameplay, something fans of more demanding titles should bear in mind.

MXZ Gamer Rig

"Very Good Pc Pre-build!"
MXZ Gaming PC Desktop Computer, Ryzen 5 4500, GTX1660S 6GB,16GB DDR4, NVME 500GB SSD, Win 11 Pro Ready, (R5 4500| GTX1660S)


  • Solid performance in all games
  • Impressive visual design with customizable RGB lighting
  • Comes with Windows 11 Pro pre-installed


  • RGB control button may be non-functional
  • GTX1660S can not play all games on high settings
  • Only a one-year warranty for parts and labor
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/26/2024 10:11 pm GMT

After spending some time with the MXZ Gamer Rig, I’m quite impressed with its capabilities. The Ryzen 5 processor paired with the GTX 1660S delivers enough power to handle the most games at middle settings.

Older games also on higher graphic settings.

Whether I was building and crafting in Minecraft or engaged in the fast-paced action of Apex Legends, the gameplay was smooth and enjoyable.

The visual aspect of this machine is a treat for the eyes. I particularly enjoyed the window side case panel, which showcases the 6 RGB fans. It adds a touch of personal flair to my gaming setup, and I often find myself lost in the mesmerizing display of colors.

The pre-installed Windows 11 Pro is a great addition, making it easy to get up and running right out of the box. I appreciated the absence of unnecessary setup steps, allowing me to jump straight into gaming.

In my use, I observed that the RGB button intended for changing the lighting effect was unfortunately non-functional. While this didn’t affect the gaming experience, it was a minor disappointment, as I couldn’t customize the lighting to match my mood or the game I was playing.

Another thing to note is the difficulty in accessing the PC’s interior, particularly when I considered upgrading with a larger SSD. Attempting to remove the glass panel felt a bit risky, and I wished the design was more upgrade-friendly.

The one-year warranty seems standard, but I couldn’t help feeling a bit cautious, knowing that any issues beyond that period would be on me to resolve.

Skytech Nebula Gaming Rig

Skytech Gaming Nebula PC, Core i5 12400F, RTX 3050, 1TB NVME SSD, 16GB DDR4 3200, 600W Gold PSU, AC Wi-Fi, Windows 10 Home 64-bit


  • RTX 3050 delivers enough graphic power
  • Quick system boot-up and game load times with NVME SSD
  • Plethora of connectivity options and included peripherals to start gaming immediately


  • The variability of component brands may concern some purists
  • May not satisfy ultra-high settings enthusiasts for the latest games
  • Out-of-the-box cooling, could benefit from an upgrade to optimize airflow
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/27/2024 08:53 pm GMT

The Skytech Nebula is perfect for budget-conscious gamers. It offers a seamless and immersive gaming experience without breaking the bank. The rig handled everything I threw at it, from chaotic battle royals to expansive open-world adventures, all with the fluidity that kept me glued to the action.

What stood out to me was the boot time. I was up and running in seconds, slicing download screens to a minimum. That meant less waiting and more playing which is always a win in my book.

Another aspect to note is the machine’s connectivity. It had all the USB ports I needed for my arsenal of gaming accessories, plus wireless capabilities straight out of the box. The included keyboard and mouse might not be top-tier, but they are more than capable of getting you into the game from day one.

However, I did observe that the components might vary, which can be a bit of a lottery in terms of brand preference. And while the RTX 3050 card provides remarkable fidelity for its price point, demanding gamers craving the pinnacle of graphical settings might find it a tad limiting, especially with future titles.

Also, I might consider extra cooling solutions if I plan to push this PC to its limits regularly. Despite that, the existing setup kept temperatures in check during my testing.

HP Victus 15L Gamer’s Delight

"Plays Games on 1080p High Settings at 120fps"
HP 2023 Victus 15L Gaming Desktop, Ryzen 7 5700G, AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT 8GB, 32GB 3200MHz RAM, 2TB NVMe SSD, WiFi 6, RGB Light, Type-A&C, Win 11


  • Top gaming performance with Ryzen 7 & RX6600XT
  • Immense storage with a rapid 2TB NVMe SSD
  • Big 32GB RAM


  • Limited total reviews to gauge long-term reliability
  • Potentially bulky for minimalist setups
  • High demand could affect availability
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/27/2024 10:20 pm GMT

Having recently taken the HP Victus 15L for a spin, it became clear that this desktop is designed with the avid gamer in mind. The machine’s swift response time and the ease of switching between tasks are a testament to its robust processor and ample memory.

Gaming graphics are rendered beautifully on this desktop, with the latest titles running at high settings without a hitch. The visuals are crisp, making for an immersive gaming experience every single time. Furthermore, with such a large SSD, games load in a blink, keeping the momentum going strong during intense gaming sessions.

Connectivity is the cherry on top; this gaming PC ensures you’re well-equipped for any peripheral you might need. Whether that’s the latest VR setup, a high-speed Ethernet connection, or a diverse speaker system, the HP Victus 15L can handle it all.

However, I noticed it takes up quite a bit of desk space – something to consider if you prefer a more minimalistic setup.

Buying Guide

Budget Allocation

My first step is to determine the balance between cost and performance. I make sure that the bulk of my budget goes into the core components that deliver the most impact on gaming performance:

  • Processor (CPU): The brain of the PC; a good CPU can significantly enhance gaming experiences.
  • Graphics Card (GPU): Crucially important for rendering images and the quality of visuals in games.
  • Memory (RAM): Ensures smooth multitasking and game responsiveness.

Core Components

When selecting components, I prioritize quality and compatibility. I look at the following features:

  • CPU: Number of cores and clock speed.
  • GPU: Video RAM (VRAM), core count, and clock frequencies.
  • RAM: At least 16GB for modern gaming


A solid-state drive (SSD) offers faster load times for games. A capacity of at least 512 GB is ideal to start with, allowing room for several games and the operating system.


Considering future upgrades saves money in the long run. I check for:

  • Motherboard: Spare RAM slots and support for current and future CPUs.
  • Power Supply (PSU): Enough wattage headroom for component upgrades.
  • Case: Adequate space for additional or larger components.

Essential Features

FeatureWhat I Look For
Cooling SystemEfficient cooling, quieter fans
ConnectivitySufficient USB and HDMI ports
Power Supply (PSU)80+ Bronze certification or better

I also keep an eye on the motherboard’s in-built features, such as audio quality and network capabilities.


What are the best components for a gaming PC under $1000?

A balanced sub-$1000 gaming PC could include an Intel Core i5-14400F, ASUS Prime B760-PLUS motherboard, and 32GB CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 6400MHz RAM.

Can a $1000 gaming PC handle modern games at high settings?

Yes, a $1000 gaming PC can handle modern games at high settings, especially when equipped with efficient components like the AMD Ryzen 5 5600 and a capable mid-tier graphics card.

How to optimize a budget gaming PC for performance and longevity?

Optimize a budget gaming PC by selecting a balanced CPU-GPU combo, using SSDs for faster load times, installing sufficient RAM, and ensuring good airflow with a quality case and fans. Regularly clean dust, update drivers, and manage cables for better airflow.

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