20 Mind-Blowing Video Game Cake Ideas for 2024: A Feast for Gamers!

We all love video games, and there’s no better way to celebrate our love for gaming than by incorporating video game cake ideas into our next special event. Whether it’s a birthday party, a gaming competition, or just a fun get-together with friends we found 20 great video game cake ideas for you.

Video Game Cake Ideas Gallery

We know you’re looking for the best video game cake ideas. Let us take you on a tour of our gallery featuring some of the most creative and stunning game-inspired cakes. We’ve handpicked designs from classic titles to the latest sensations.

Super Mario Cake

video game cake ideas Super Mario
by Pinterest

Celebrate with the iconic Mario! This cake can feature a 2D design or a 3D scene from the Mushroom Kingdom complete with pipes, bricks, and power-ups.

Minecraft Cake

video game cake ideas Minecraft
by Pinterest

A Minecraft cake reflects the pixelated world, featuring the game’s well-known blocks, creepers, or even a character like Steve.

Zelda Cake

video game cake ideas Zelda
by Pinterest

Embrace Hyrule’s magic with this cake inspired by The Legend of Zelda, showcasing designs like the Triforce or famous characters like Link and Zelda.

3D Pacman Cake

video game cake ideas Pacman
by Pinterest

Relive the 80’s with a vibrant, mouth-watering 3D Pacman cake, decorated with ghosts, fruits, and of course, Pacman himself.

Fortnite Battle Royale Cake

video game cake ideas Fortnite
by Pinterest

Jump into the world of Fortnite with a cake featuring the iconic battle bus, characters, weapons, or a Victory Royale banner.

Call of Duty Cake

video game cake ideas Call of duty
by Pinterest

Capture the intense action of Call of Duty with this cake, filled with designs like game logos, weapons, and insignias.

World of Warcraft Cake

video game cake ideas World of warcraft
by Pinterest

Ignite the fantasy with a World of Warcraft cake, adorned with intricate game elements such as characters and scenery.

Playstation Cake

video game cake ideas Playstation
by Pinterest

PlayStation enthusiasts will adore a cake designed like a console or controller, perfect for honoring their all-time favorite gaming system.

Xbox Cake

video game cake ideas xbox
by Pinterest

Celebrate a gamer’s love for Xbox with a cake in the controller’s shape or featuring the Xbox logo.

Switch Cake

video game cake ideas Switch
by Pinterest

A Nintendo Switch-themed cake can showcase the joy-con controllers, the dock, or other elements to impress Switch fans.


video game cake ideas PUBG
by Pinterest

Show your PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds pride with this battle royale-themed cake, featuring in-game weapons and characters.

Battlefield Cake

video game cake ideas Battlefield
by Pinterest

Battlefield fans will appreciate a cake with military-inspired designs, game logos, or tributes to their favorite installments.

Grand Theft Auto V Cake

video game cake ideas Grand Theft Auto V
by Pinterest

Celebrate with the fan-favorite open-world adventure through a GTA V cake, filled with Los Santos cityscapes, cars, or iconic characters.

Twitch Streamer Cake

video game cake ideas Twitch Streamer
by Pinterest

Honor a favorite Twitch streamer with a cake sporting their logo or avatars, perfect for sharing with gaming friends watching together.

Counterstrike Cake

video game cake ideas Counterstrike
by Pinterest

A cake inspired by Counterstrike, displaying the game’s logo, weapons, or iconic maps, will bring home the nostalgia of the classic FPS.

League of Legends Cake

video game cake ideas League of Legends
by Pinterest

Celebrate a favorite champion or team with a League of Legends cake, featuring detailed character designs and logos.

Fallout Cake

video game cake ideas Fallout
by Pinterest

Bring the post-apocalyptic world to life with a Fallout cake, with decorations like Pip-Boy, vault doors, or the series’ beloved Nuka-Cola.

Gaming PC Cake

video game cake ideas Gaming PC
by Pinterest

PC gaming enthusiasts will love a cake resembling their gaming rig or featuring gaming components like graphics cards, motherboards, or game-themed designs.

Animal Crossing Cake

video game cake ideas Animal Crossing
by Pinterest

Step into the world of Animal Crossing with this delightful cake, adorned with iconic characters, fruit trees, or the well-known leaf symbol.

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Cake

video game cake ideas The Elder Scrolls Skyrim
by Pinterest

Immerse yourself in the land of Skyrim with a cake full of dragons, weapons, or the awe-inspiring scenery from the world of Tamriel.

Hacks And Tips for Video Game Cakes

video game cake ideas Tutorial
by Pinterest

As avid gamers and cake enthusiasts, we know how important it is to nail those video game cake ideas. In this section, we’ll share some handy tips and tricks to help you create the perfect gaming-inspired cake that will definitely level up any celebration.

Choosing the Right Icing

video game cake ideas icing
by Pinterest

When it comes to creating a stunning video game cake, icing is key. Buttercream is an excellent choice because it holds up well and can be easily colored to match your gaming theme. Alternatively, you might want to consider using ganache for a richer, more luxurious cake.

Using Edible Food Color

To achieve those vibrant and accurate colors, you need to rely on edible food color. Gel or paste food colorings work best for creating brilliant hues without altering the consistency of your icing. Always start with a small amount and gradually add more to achieve the desired shade.

Basics of Fondant Sculpting

video game cake ideas sculping
by Pinterest

Fondant is great for making three-dimensional characters and elements from your favorite games. To get started, make sure your work area is clean and dusted with cornstarch to prevent sticking. Knead the fondant until it’s smooth and pliable before rolling it out to the desired thickness. To create shapes, use cookie cutters, or hand-sculpt using fondant tools. Once you’ve crafted your gaming elements, allow them to dry before placing them on the cake. And there you have it – some essential hacks and tips to bring your video game cake ideas to life. Happy baking!

My Favorite Video Gaming Cake Idea

While searching for gaming cake ideas, I came across a few that are definitely among my favorites.

Especially the World of Warcraft cake had it done to me, maybe that’s also because I used to play this game a lot.
As for the design in general, I found the Call of Duty cake really good.

I think I will soon also bake my own gaming cake.


What are some popular video game cake ideas?

Some popular video game cake ideas include Minecraft cakes, Super Mario cakes, and Fortnite cakes. These cakes can feature characters, landscapes, or objects from the games.

How can I make a video game cake at home?

To make a video game cake at home, you can use fondant to create characters or objects from the game. You can also use food coloring to create the colors of the game. Use a cake mold to create the shape of the game or use a regular cake and decorate it with game-themed decorations.

Where can I buy video game cakes?

Video game cakes can be bought at specialty bakeries or online cake shops. Some bakeries may also offer custom designs for video game cakes. It’s important to order in advance to ensure availability and customization options.

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