Anime Gaming Room: 10 Epic Tips to Show Your Anime Love

You are looking for tips on how to design or upgrade your anime gaming room so that it reflects the world of Japanese animation. We have some for you.

Starting with planning your anime gaming room. This means using the space as much as possible. Planning your budget. Choosing the right decoration. And of course the right gaming equipment.

Are you ready? Ok, then let’s start!

Basis of an Anime Gaming Room

Creating the perfect anime gaming room is an exciting journey that allows you to express your love for your favorite characters and stories. In this process, there are two essential aspects we need to consider in every gaming room. The required space and budget planning.

Required Space

Every gaming room also an anime gaming room starts with designing. So it’s crucial to evaluate the available space in our room. This will help you to determine the placement of furniture, storage options, and decorative items, ensuring a functional and visually appealing setup. Consider measuring the area and deciding on the key elements to incorporate, such as gaming stations, seating areas, and display shelves for our anime memorabilia.

Budget Planning

No matter how big or small your budget is, planning plays a significant role in bringing the anime gaming room of your dreams to life. Start by listing the desired elements and creating a priority list to allocate funds effectively. Some items can be DIY-ed, and others might require a more significant investment, like ergonomic gaming chairs and high-quality lighting options.

It’s a good idea to explore various online and offline stores and compare prices to make affordable purchases. Keeping track of our expenses will enable us to create a space that best reflects our passion for anime without breaking the bank.

Anime Gaming Room Decor

anime gaming room decoration
by Pinterest

Imagine stepping into an anime gaming room where you’re surrounded by vibrant characters and captivating worlds from your favorite games and shows. With a few carefully chosen decorations, you can create that magical space in your own home.

Wall Art

anime gaming room wallart
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First and foremost, wall art is a must-have for any anime gaming room. It sets the tone and brings the essence of your favorite characters and games into the space. From gaming room wall art available on Etsy to posters featuring scenic landscapes and lofi art, there are plenty of options to showcase your passion. Don’t forget to incorporate some minimalist and kawaii game posters to mix up the aesthetic and express your unique taste.


Ambient lighting is creating the right atmosphere for your anime gaming room. You can use LED light strips, lamps featuring your favorite characters, or even shadow box anime art gaming room table decor with built-in lights.


Last but not least, the right furniture can make all the difference when designing your anime gaming room. Consider a gaming chair with an anime-inspired design, matching storage units for your game collection, and even themed rugs or bean bags for that added touch. A cohesive and well-thought-out furniture selection will be the cherry on top of your ultimate anime gaming sanctuary.

Anime Themed Gaming Equipment

anime gaming room blue
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Buying the perfect gaming equipment will help you create the perfect anime gaming room for immersing yourself in your favorite worlds. Let’s dive into the essentials and explore some amazing anime-themed gaming consoles and peripherals.

Anime Themed Gaming Consoles

anime gaming room anime skin for console
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Finding a unique console that represents your favorite anime is a fantastic way to demonstrate your passion for a particular series. There are many limited edition consoles released by popular brands like PlayStation and Nintendo, with custom designs featuring characters and themes from beloved series. Some of these consoles even come with exclusive content or preloaded games, making them a must-have for any fan’s collection.

Keep an eye out for special releases, collaborations, and limited editions to truly personalize your gaming room.

Anime Themed Peripherals

anime gaming room controller skin for
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No anime gaming room is complete without a collection of anime-themed peripherals, like controllers, mousepads, and gaming chairs. With so many options available on platforms such as Amazon and Etsy, it’s easy to find the perfect pieces to match your style and preferences.

For an added personal touch, consider customizing your own LED gaming mousepad with the artwork of your favorite anime or even an anime-inspired ergonomic chair to ensure your game in comfort and style.

Important! Don’t compromise performance for aesthetics; look for reputable brands and models that offer both form and function in their anime-themed designs.

And there you have it! Incorporating these elements into your anime gaming room will create a unique and immersive space for you to enjoy your favorite games and showcase your love for all things anime.

Collectibles and Merchandise

anime gaming room collectibles
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Collectibles for your anime gaming room. We think it’s important that you buy some collectibles and merchandise that truly showcase your love for the genre and bring character to your gaming haven. So let’s have a look.

Anime Figurines

anime gaming room nami figure for
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There are few better ways to display our passion for anime than with a collection of handpicked anime figurines. Ranging from iconic characters to limited edition collectibles, these miniature works of art not only look fantastic on our shelves but also serve as conversation starters with fellow gamers. Just a few expertly placed figurines can quickly elevate the atmosphere of any gaming space.

Posters and Wall Scrolls

anime gaming room pokemon poster
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Another great option for personalizing our gaming area is to adorn the walls with posters featuring our favorite anime series. These high-quality prints not only add a visual appeal to the room but also help to immerse us into the exhilarating worlds of the shows and games we adore.

Anime Themed Clothing

anime gaming room clothing
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Finally, we can’t forget about ourselves as a part of our anime gaming room experience! Donning anime-themed clothing like T-shirts, hoodies, and even socks, lets us get into the spirit and further enhance our gaming sessions. These apparel options can serve as fantastic gifts for fellow gaming enthusiasts, or as proud additions to our own personal anime wardrobe.

Maintaining Your Anime Gaming Room

In this section, we’ll talk about the essential aspects of maintaining your anime gaming room, focusing on some cleaning and upgrading or updating your space.

Cleaning Guide

Keeping your anime gaming room clean is a must. So it’s necessary to clean your room at least every 2 weeks. Here are three must-dos!

  • Declutter: Sort and organize your figurines, posters, and other anime items. Place them in designated storage spaces to maintain a clean look.
  • Dust off: Use a microfiber cloth-like swiffer to gently wipe off the dust from your collectibles, gaming equipment, and furniture.
  • Vacuum Regularly: Clean the floors, rugs, and curtains with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris.

Upgrading and Updating

Everyone likes a fresh look in your room. Add some new accessories to spice up their anime gaming room. Here we have some ideas to upgrade and update your space:

  • Switch up the decor: Swap out wall posters, art prints, or any elements of your anime room to refresh the overall theme.
  • Level up your gaming gear: Keep an eye out for upgrades to your gaming equipment, like a new gaming chair, ergonomic keyboard, or updated gaming console.
  • Incorporate LED lighting: Accentuate your anime gaming room with colorful LED lights, helping set the mood for intense gaming sessions or immersive anime marathons.

By following these cleaning and upgrading tips, your anime gaming room will remain a well-maintained and enjoyable sanctuary for your hobbies.

Do I Like an Anime Gaming Room?

anime gaming room example
by Pinterest

For me, a gaming room with anime deco is not the first choice. Because I tend more to Star Wars in my decoration. Here I already have some things like a poster of a Star Destroyer or a big Lego model of a Y-wing.

Nevertheless, the anime gaming rooms I found on Pinterest look really good. If I had to choose an anime design here, I would definitely have a lot of Dragonball in the decoration items.

This is probably also because I have watched this series very much and also know the characters in it quite well.

How is that with you? Which anime would be most represented with you? Feel free to write it in the comments!


1. “What is an anime gaming room?” –
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3. “How can I decorate my anime gaming room?” –

An anime gaming room is a dedicated space for playing video games with an anime theme. It can include decorations, collectibles, and anime-inspired furniture.

What are some popular anime games to play in an anime gaming room?

Some popular anime games to play in an anime gaming room include Dragon Ball FighterZ, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, and One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4.

How can I decorate my anime gaming room?

You can decorate your anime gaming room with posters, figurines, and other collectibles featuring your favorite anime characters. You can also add anime-inspired furniture, such as bean bag chairs or gaming chairs with anime designs.

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